Good morning, sun light!

It's another beautiful morning in Vancouver today, but today's sun lights seem to me are even brighter than ever. My heart was full of gloomy mood yesterday because of a sad news my friend brought to me: one of her friend commit suicide and left two kids behind, one is 12 one is only 1 year old. I had met her friend 2 times at my friend's home. She seemed to me a very happy spirit. I cannot imagine she would choose jumping down to end her young life. The reason was simple and common among those Chinese women who accompany their children here in Vancouver alone by themselves: husband in China have an affair with another girl. I used to be one of them, so I understand how long time separation cause the problems between the couples. No wife is willing to separate with her husband, but they choose to do this anyway in the name of giving her kids a better life. Is this truly worth it? Nobody will know.

I was bearing with these bad thinkings and emotions in my sleep yesterday. This morning when I woke up in the sun light, the morning glory dazed my a little. I suddenly felt released from yesterday's gloomy. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by my families and to have a career that I truly in love with. Life sometimes is hard, but with the people who love me I have strength to stand up high and move on. 

I am always a blogger before, but during the busy days of running a flower store, I gave up. This morning I decided to restart it, even if writing in English is truly a challenge for me. I cannot guarantee one blog a day or anything regular, but I will try my best to write down my thoughts and stories. Flower business is always so tightly bonded with emotions, there were stories and moments I always wanted to write down. Today, I want a begin.


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