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Lux Blooms & Tea Package


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An admirer of tea, pottery and flowers? This gift package is for you. This package includes 5 flower-infused teas selected by Cultivate Tea. In this package, we also include beautiful hand-made teacups, each with a unique spring blush coloured glaze, and packaged within an elegant bamboo gift box. You can choose between two options of teacups: one is a pair of cherry blossom cups and the other is a single ocean sunrise cup.


The tasting kit includes 2 servings from each of the five teas within this collection. Each tea is rare and produced in extremely small quantities from the lushest tea-producing areas of China, and in secluded environments on the high altitude mountains. Harvested painstakingly by hand, they are crafted in small batches with the utmost love and care. Each tea is an expression of its unique varietal, terroir, and craftsmanship.

Green Peony - a marvellous white tea lovingly cultivated by Tang Wang, an incredibly passionate craftsman with over 30 years of experience. He works alone and makes some of the most sought-after white teas in Yunnan. The sparkling yellow infusion yields an elegant tea with exceptional clarity and sweetness, accented by a luscious aftertaste of honey, honeysuckle, and calla lily.

The Jasmine Snow Flake has an intense and enchanting fragrance of sweet elegant jasmine. It comes from the legendary E’Mei Mountain, a very limited harvest each year. It is scented with fresh jasmine blossoms in five rounds, imparting an intoxicating and elegant jasmine fragrance to the tea. A truly unforgettable tea for the special moments.

The Osmanthus Laoshan Green is a delightful green tea cultivated at 600m meters above sea level in the serene and picturesque Qingdao county, on the cliffs of Mount Lao above the shimmering Yellow Sea. Produced in small quantities in a small family-owned estate, the golden yellow infusions yield tropical notes of green papaya, pineapple, accented by a luscious aftertaste of sweet corn and mango.

The Rose Keemun Gold is an exceptional afternoon tea. One of the most celebrated black teas of China, this Keemun Gold is produced in extremely limited quantities. From an old grove of semi-wild tea trees, the tea is scented with exotic heirloom China roses. It boasts exotic accents of cherry blossoms and sweet Seckel pears. It has a full-bodied and elegant finish.

The Organic Crimson Rose is incredibly beautiful - each rose is harvested carefully by hand during the early morning hours of the day before the sun gets too intense. They are freeze-dried immediately after harvesting. This tea exudes a passionate fragrance of sophisticated roses with a lingering floral aftertaste. For those moments of relaxation.

This collection of five exceptional teas is a joyous melody of fragrance and tastes that will delight your senses and bring you on a journey to faraway, exotic destinations.