For those who are curious about the intricacies of professional floral design, we have put together a series of intensive workshops that explore various forms of flower arrangement and techniques. We hope that through these informative and hands-on sessions, students that are hoping to become professional florists feel trained and prepared to pursue a career in floral design. We also hope that these sessions will inspire those wanting to develop an appreciation and love for flower art.

The curriculum consists of seven 4.5 hour sessions, including 40 minutes of theory lectures and 2 hands-on projects which can be taken home to display. Students will receive an apron, as well as, the necessary design tools they need to complete their floral design projects. During each session, we will take photographs for the students of their progress and finished products to help document their experience.

For the students' last class, we hire a professional photographer to allow students the opportunity to model with their creations and in the flower crown creation reserved for the final session. Graduation certificates will also be distributed on this day.

To book, contact us via. email at or call at 604-731-3313

*Each class has a limit of 3 students.