Blossoming Gratitude


Specially designed for Mother's Day, this bouquet is a large collection of flowers, each symbolizing the breadth of gratitude we have for the person who gives us so much.

This bouquet features:

Peonies - The bold flower that can't be restrained. When it opens, you'll see all of its depth, the layers and layers of it's soft, blushing pride; just like the gratitude you feel. Also, this flower arrives in the month of May, the month of Mother's Day. 

Carnations - Myth states that carnations were grown from the tears of Mary as she watched Jesus at the cross and therefore, it's the ultimate symbol for Mother's and the celebration of their love & endurance.

Momoko - Of the Japanese words for Peach and Child, this flower is a representation of the child who is honouring their parent on this special holiday.

Arrangement will include a note that explains the meaning of the flowers.

Please order at least 2 days in advance to allow for availability. You can request wrapping paper colours as long as you indicate it in the notes.