ER-3 Premium Bicolor or Multicolor Wreath


Indicate a preferred colour combination and we will make a beautiful flower wreath for your beloved one. The difference between our "Premium Wreath" and the "Standard Wreath" is that the premium one has more flowers than the standard one, not only in quantity but also in variety, and so it will look more lush and full.

Please leave a note with us about the colours you want or any other requirements you may have regarding your arrangement. You are always welcome to call us directly to place your order too.

    • Choice of flowers are subject to seasonal availability. We will try our best to create a similar look with what is in season but, rest assured, we promise that your arrangement will be just as beautiful.

    • The price is labeled by the size of the inner frame and the finished size will be 3"- 5" bigger than the frame size.

    • Price includes the easel.

    • All arrangements need to be ordered 2 days in advance.