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Sweet Birthday Gift Set


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Invade the senses with this sweet birthday gift that will not only be pleasing for the eyes and nose but tastes delightful too. This gift set includes a bouquet of flowers and a decadent little cheesecake all immaculately packaged for a special birthday celebration.

To offer this creation, we have partnered with 'To Burn or Not to Burn", a local bakery gem that has revolutionized the standards for homemade baked goods. Personally, we think it's Vancouver's best kept secret.

The name, inspired by Shakespeare's soliloquy from Hamlet, refers to the cake's volatile status as it edges closer to the brink of being burnt. It also alludes to the skill of the founder/baker, who is a self-taught master wielder of heat, capable of searing her cakes just enough to achieve the signature bronze caramelized look of their most beloved creation: the Basque Burnt Cheesecake (featured in all our gift packages).

For the 6" cheesecake, the available flavour options are Original, Earl Grey, Ube, Coffee and Dark Chocolate. Please keep in mind that all the cheesecakes need to be refrigerated. When ordering, please specify the flavour and icing message you'd like atop the cake.

Our flowers are subject to what is available during this season, therefore we cannot ensure that the bouquet will look the same to what is in the photo; however, we will do our best to make it look similar or maintain the same colour palette.