VA-9 (Orchid Arrangement)


A potted premium orchid arrangement with orchids from the best orchid grower in the Greater Vancouver area. Please let us know if you have an orchid colour preference.

  • Depending on inventory, the planter may vary.

  • Please choose how many stems of orchids you'd like in the pot. If you choose 2 stems, please be prepared that the planter may be smaller in size.

  • The options for orchid colours are:
    White, Yellow, Pink and Purple

  • We will do our best to source the desired colour but depending on inventory, we may need to substitute with another colour.

  • Photos are only for reference, we cannot guarantee that the arrangement will look the same as the photo but it will be similar. Please respect that there are always unforeseeable issues (eg. lilies refusing to open).
  • Please preorder 3 days in advance as we'll need to source the orchids. 

    * the arrangement in the photo has 4 stems.